When you have a tree in your back yard or front lawn that is too old that it just died out on you, or if a strong storm has uprooted your beloved tree, you have to cut it down as it is already dead and will no longer bear fruits or flowers and will eventually rot. But there are some trees that can still be saved even if they have been cut, as long as its roots are still implanted on the ground.

Whatever your case may be, if you have to cut off the tree, a stump will be left. Usually when a chainsaw is used to cut off a tree, the stump tends to get rough that may cause splinters to dig deep on anyone’s hands that happen to touch the rough stump. To avoid this, you have to grind the stump to make it smooth and to avoid any untoward accidents. You will have to use a tree stump grinder to do the job. This article will show you how to use one. Read on.

Wear protective gear

Use gloves to protect your hands from getting callused. The tree stump grinder is a heavy piece of machine, and gloves can help in your grip. Bare hands tend to get sweaty and slippery, making you lose your grip. Wear protective goggles to shield your eyes from flying pieces of wood.

Prep the tree stump grinder

Since you will be working from outside, the cord of the grinder may not reach the nearest socket. You may have to use an extension cord to reach the socket. The long cord from the extension wire will not restrict your movements when you grind the tree stump.

Turn on the grinder

Be prepared for a noisy job. A tree stump grinder can be as noisy as a chainsaw, even worse. You can plug your ears so you will not be deafened by the noise; especially when the grinder is very near your ears.

Start grinding

Get a good grip of the grinder’s handles and start grinding at the center of the stump. Work your way out until your get a smooth finish. Even out some uneven surfaces on the stump. This job may take you at least a half hour to complete. When you are done, turn off the grinder, remove the plug from the socket and clean the equipment of any dirt and tree residue before storing it in a safe place, away from children’s reach.

When using a tree stump grinder, your safety is paramount. Do not grind a tree stump unprepared. You must wear all the appropriate protective gear to protect yourself from getting hit by any stray wood that may fly off while the stump is being smoothed.

Do not let small children near you when you are grinding the stump. If possible, cordon the area to make children understand that they are not allowed near you in the meantime. When you are done grinding the tree stump, it can be made into a chair if the surface is even. You can sit on the stump while you are watching people pass by your yard.

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