How To Use a Reel Mower

The reel mower (push mower) has been used to cut grass for many years. Although rotary gas-powered lawn mowers seem to be the trend, reel mowers are more environment-friendly. Manufacturers have come up with reel mowers that effectively do the job of mowing your prized lawn and at the same time, they do not have a negative effect on the environment.

Steps in using a reel mower

Check the reel mower

Before you begin, make sure that the blades of your reel mower are sharp. Also check that all parts are tight and not loose or damaged.

Position and hold the mower properly

The reel mower should face forward in the direction you want to go. It is best to start at one corner of the lawn. Grasp the handle of your reel mower with both hands.

Begin mowing

Push the reel lawn mower forward. The grass is meant to be pushed over. As you run over the grass, the grass should be trapped between the blades and the horizontal steel bar. When this happens, the grass will get cut and the cuttings will land on the lawn.

Mow in one straight line

Continue pushing the steel mower until it reaches the end of the lawn. The end can be your fence or a mulch bed or any other line that indicates the end of the grassy area you are mowing. You should always follow a straight line when mowing.

Move to the next area

After you finish mowing in one straight line, go to the next column of grass. Turn the mower upon reaching the edge of the lawn. Position the reel mower in such a way that one fourth of the mower is over the recently mowed lawn, while the rest of the three fourths is on top of uncut grass. Push the reel mower once more in a straight line up to the edge of the lawn.


Do the previous step again until you have successfully mowed your whole lawn. If you think there is a need, you can crosscut the grass. You do this by mowing the lawn in a diagonal direction.

Clean and oil the reel mower

Once you are done using your reel mower, don’t just stuff it into the garage or shed. Remove grass clippings and other dirt found on the different parts of the reel mower. Oil the blades, nuts and bolts of the reel mower with WD 40. This will ensure that your reel mower will not rust and the gears will run properly the next time.

Tip: Some reel mowers are sold with a clipping catcher that collects the clippings as you mow the lawn. This is a good attachment to have to save you from having to rake the clippings yourself.

The reel mower may be a timely solution for increasing gas prices and increasing waistlines. You can purchase reel mowers for under $200. Discounted reel mowers are found on the Internet. Watch out for sales at garden supplies stores. Instead of using gas-powered lawn mowers to cut your grass, you should put your money on a reel mower.

You don’t need gas because you will serve as the engine of your reel mower. And since you are the engine, you will be doing a lot of pushing and walking. This translates into getting some cardiovascular workout while you cut the grass. Listen to music on your MP3 player while mowing your lawn and enjoy the sunshine and exercise as you use your reel lawn mower.

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