Lawnmowers are not just for the garden. People have found another use for it, and a more exciting one compared to just tending the lawn – racing.

As in any race, your lawnmower needs to have a decent speed in order to have a chance at winning. A regular lawnmower that you have purchased is not designed to be used for racing, hence, you will need to do some customization and set-up to make is run faster.

A popular method of altering a lawnmower for racing is called “souping”. To soup up your lawnmower for a race, read on.

Get proper tools

The tools you need for this project are more advanced than those you might probably see in regular toolboxes. You can rent power tools if you do not want to buy them. But ultimately, if you do not know how to use them anyway, it might be best to have a professional help you.

Alter the engine

As in most vehicles that are used for racing, it is important that you use a powerful engine to speed things up. And since the original engine of your lawnmower is not made for racing, this needs to be replaced and increased. This change will boost the power of your lawnmower as you step on the gas. With a help of a professional, remove the engine to access the cylinder. Carefully, remove the cylinder. It is important to keep the cylinder scratch-free, so have someone assist you. Place the larger cylinder in place. And to maximize the use of this new cylinder, you need to replace the piston rings as well to fit it.

Take out the camshaft

Do not put the engine back yet after the above step. It is now time to boost the valve. This boost will enable your vehicle to increase the duration in which the valve is open for the fuel to get in or out. The more fuel that gets to the engine, the faster your lawnmower will move. Start by taking out the camshaft. The camshaft is a cylindrical shaft that regulates the injection of the vaporized fuel. Replace the lobes of the camshaft with one that has a larger surface area. After doing so, place the engine back in place.

Alter the carburetor

The carburetor is the apparatus that mixes the fuel and air in the combustion system of the vehicle. The bigger the carburetor, the more fuel will flow towards the engine. This will give you the edge with other lawnmowers that remain to use the original carburetors installed. Check how much fuel your lawnmower can take and stay within limits.

Apart from the engine and mechanical changes, consider customizing the look for your lawnmower as well. Have it painted with a color you want and place personalized stickers as well.

When on a race, do not forget about your safety. Check the installations you have placed in your lawnmower and make sure they are secured and everything works, especially the brakes. Use protective gears, such as helmet when doing the race.

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