Rototillers are used in the garden to break up dirt or grass, to create garden beds, or to level dirt. It is a very handy tool especially for those who love to improve their gardens. Although you may still have to manually clean up the dirt after using the rototiller, it can do a faster job in the garden.

The following are steps on how to use your rototiller:

Mark the area that you want to clear out

In order to ensure that you do not go beyond the area that you want to fix up, you can use white chalk powder or flour to mark your boundaries.

Prepare the area that you are working on

Before you start using your rototiller, make sure that there are no rocks, plants or other debris in the area. Take out root systems of plants that you do not want to grow again later on, such as weeds.

Prepare yourself for the work to be done

You will need to wear proper clothes before handling your rototiller. The rototiller can be a very dangerous and harmful tool if you do are not in the proper attire when you use it. Wear long pants, closed shoes and goggles to avoid accidents with your rototiller.

Make sure that the rototiller is all set to go

When you are ready to start working, check and make sure that the rototiller is clean, fueled, and adjusted to handle comfortably. Handling your rototiller can be difficult if it is not adjusted according to your height. Make sure that it is all set before you start it up.

Start working on the area

Once you and the rototiller are all set for work, you can turn on its engine. Set the engine to neutral and position it properly starting with one of the corners of the area that you are clearing out. Make the proper adjustments on its depth guide so that you can work consistently on your area. Shift the rototiller into its proper setting and work along the edge of your area. Make sure to go on a straight line. Once you are done with the edge or your first row, shift the rototiller back to neutral.

Work your way gradually all throughout the area

For the next row, position the rototiller so that it overlaps the first one by about four to six inches. Set the engine and start working on the next row. Repeat the process until you are done tilling the entire area that you have marked.

Go over the area twice more

Go over the area again but towards the opposite direction the second time, and then diagonally the third time. This will ensure that you have tilled the area properly when you are done.

Clean your rototiller

Once you are completely done using your rototiller, clean the equipment by hosing it down with water. When you are done cleaning, drain the fuel out of the rototiller and store properly.

Always be cautious when handling your rototiller. Keep your body away from the blades and hold on tightly to the equipment.

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