The lawnmower needs to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that it always performs at its best. Not taking care of the tool will only damage it and rust it in the long run. Hence, you have to make sure that you attend to the lawnmower every now and then. As a part of the cleaning process, you have to clean the dirty spark plugs, too. But the question here is where the spark plugs are and how you can possibly remove them with ease. Here is a guide to help you in this process:

Prepare the lawnmower in removing the spark plug

Here, it is not enough that the engine is turned off. You have to start removing the spark plug only when the engine is already cool. Hence, when you have just used the lawnmower, give it enough time to cool down first prior to accessing the lawnmower’s spark plug for maintenance purposes.

Take off the spark plug boot

The boot is a twist off that needs a socket in order for it to be removed. Once you have taken the boot off, use any tool such as wrench or ratchet to untwist the plug in the lawnmower.

Take off the spark plug from the lawnmower

The moment the spark plug has been loosened, remove it from its place. Make an inspection in terms of carbon deposits in the spark plug. Check also whether there is dirty oil or burnt oil in the spark plug.

Replace the dirty spark plugs in the lawnmower

Grab the clean and new spark plug and position it the way you have seen the dirty spark plugs earlier. Take note that you need to get a specific kind of spark plug that matches your lawnmower. Refer to the manual to the owner’s manual to find out what kind of spark plug that you must get for your equipment. If the old spark plug can still be used, clean it using a brush and install it the same way you will install a new one in the lawnmower.

Tighten the new spark plug in the lawnmower

Use a ratchet to help you in tightening the new spark plug. Make the necessary inspections to ensure that the spark plug is already installed tightly and securely in place. Once done, install the spark plug boot back. At this point, your lawnmower is ready for the usual tasks again.

Test the equipment to ensure you have installed the spark plug correctly. Turn on the lawnmower and let it work for around five minutes. Study how the equipment is working and see whether the new spark plug works well or not. If you see no problem, use the lawnmower as normal. Then, discard the dirty and old spark plug and dispose it as recommended.

The lawnmower is not at all a very complicated tool. This is true even when it comes to maintaining its spark plugs. The moment that you have mastered where the spark plug is located, how to remove it, and how to replace it, you can be certain that your lawnmower will serve you for a longer period of time. Hence, do not ever forget to do this maintenance need every now and then.

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