A weed trimmer has great benefits in store for anyone’s lawn. Wherever the lawn is situated on your home, it can have crisp edges just as long as the weed trimmer is working properly. Keep in mind that the string of a weed trimmer may run out after some time. There are homeowners who find it difficult to restring the empty spool of a weed trimmer when in fact knowing how to restring a weed trimmer is an easy thing to do. Here’s how.

Buy replacement string for the weed trimmer

Restringing a weed trimmer cannot be done without any replacement string. You can buy this at any local hardware store. Look at the manual of your weed trimmer to know what the correct size of the string is. The default size is 0.80 mm of string.

Get rid of the debris

Turn the weed trimmer upside down to make the string head face your direction. There will be debris on the underside of the guard and the head of the string, so you have to clean them all.

Take the cap off the string head

The cap that is located on the string head may either be screwed off or popped off depending on its kind. For the one that needs screwing, use a flat-head screwdriver on turning the cap clockwise. The cap will easily be removed from the string head. For the one that needs popping off, just insert a large flat-head screwdriver into the hole situated on the side of the string head. The cap will pop off and you simply have to get it.

Remove the string spool from the string head

Take note that you cannot simply remove the string spool from the string head if you have a model that utilizes ground tapping motion when extending string. If such is the case, you have to be careful on keeping the spring situated between the string spool and the base of the head.

Remove any extra string

Inspect the inside of the spool to see if there is any residual string. Remove any extra string whenever needed. There are instances when there are melted pieces of string inside the spool. You can make use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove any melted string.

Insert the replacement string

Cut a 6-foot replacement string using a pair of scissors. Insert one end of the string into the starter slot. Push it through until you can grasp it. Melt the end with a lighter to form a small ball that must be pulled roughly against the inner part of the spool.

Wind up the string

Look at the direction indicated on the spool. On most models, winding up must be done counterclockwise. Clip the string into the slot. Replace the spring and position the spool back to its original place. Replace the cap and thread the string through the slot in the cap. Lock the cap by pushing it down or screwing onto the head depending on the model.

Try your restrung weed trimmer and off you go.

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