The lawnmower starter cord is broken if it snaps easily after pulling. Better fix your lawn mower’s broken starter cord as soon as possible than hire a handyman to do the job for you. It will save you money and time, plus, it’s an easy job even for the average Joe. Below are guides on how to replace a starter cord on a lawn mower.

Check the manual and prepare the lawn mower

Refer to the manual for basic lawn mower troubleshooting like replacing a mower’s starter cord. Also, make sure that the lawn mower is turned off before attempting to replace its starter cord. Clean its surface also to avoid damages due to grimes and other dirt.

Inspect the rope housing

You need a screwdriver or a socket to loosen the screws or bolts that are holding the mower rope in position. Observe the lawn mower’s metal wheel. One half of the mower’s rope will be coiled in the metal wheel, which will act as pulley for the mower. Use a wrench to slacken the bolt that is holding the metal wheel in position. The winding spring that is coiling the rope will automatically come off when the wheel has pulled off.

Take off the old rope

There will be a knot as you pull off the rope. Cut the knot with a sharp knife. Remember how the rope is twisted around the pulley so you can install the mower’s new rope in similar way.

Tie the new rope into the metal wheel

Then, envelop the rope into the wheel. Position the metal wheel back onto the lawn mower. Bolt it in position and make it tight. Ensure that it is properly working before you replace its housing. Pull the rope lightly to ensure that it pulls. Then, gradually wind the rope back up. Take the rope’s end and pull it throughout the housing hole of the original rope. If the new rope doesn’t have a pull handle, then use the old rope’s handle and tie it to the end of the new rope. Cut the new rope if it is longer than the old one.

Put other parts back and test the lawn mower

Bring back the coil housing of your lawn mower. Simply reverse the steps you have taken. Screw the housing tightly in placed. Test the lawn mower after bringing back the parts together. It must start properly by now. Check the manual and see if you have done the replacing process correctly, in case the lawn mower didn’t work as expected.

Replacing the starter cord is an easy job

But if you’re not confident enough, then better hire a lawnmower repairperson than try to fix it yourself.

After replacing the cord, you can now maintain the lawn and your home will always look attractive especially during summer and holidays. Replacing the cord is only one of the many things that are required from a lawn mower owner like you. Make sure that you know the basic maintenance procedures to keep the machine in its prime condition. You don’t want to do another replacement just because of improper maintenance of the lawn mower.

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