Your lawn mower can easily develop rust, especially on the blades, when you use it to cut wet grass. You must make sure that the blades of your lawn mower are rust free. The blades get dull when they are covered with rust. You can easily remove rust from your lawn mower with just a few simple steps. Read the steps below to learn how to do this.

Clean the lawn mower

The first thing that you should do is to remove all the dust and dirt from your lawn mower. Use a cloth or scrape off the dirt from the components of the lawn mower. Remove soil and grass that has been caught up in the lawn mower.

Use rust remover

Purchase rust remover from your local hardware store. Remove the rusty components of the lawn mower. You can consult the user’s manual of the lawn mower to see how you can remove the parts properly. Prepare a large container where you can place the rusty parts. Pour some rust remover in the container and place all the rusty parts inside. Make sure that the parts are submerged in the rust remover solution. Allow the rust remover to do its job for a few minutes or hours, depending on how thick the rust is.

Brush off the rust

Make sure that you wear rubber work gloves when you brush off the rust from the parts since the chemicals in the rust remover can hurt your hands. Get a brush and brush off the rust from the lawn mower parts. The rust should easily come off. If the rust is still too thick for you to remove, place the components back in the rust remover bath and allow it to soak for a few more minutes.

Wash the parts

After the rust has been completely removed, wash the parts under running water. You can use the brush to remove rust flakes. Wipe off the parts with a clean cloth.

Protect the lawn mower parts

When the parts are already clean, you can spray on rust blocker to the components to protect the parts from developing rust in the future. You can purchase rust blocker from the hardware store. Follow the instructions on the bottle on how to use the rust blocker.

Replace the lawn mower parts

Now that the parts are completely clean, you can replace them back on your lawn mower. Make sure that the components are inserted in the lawn mower properly. You can test your lawn mower to make sure that it is working well.


Store your lawn mower in a clean and dry place where it will be protected from the harsh weather.

These are the steps in removing rust from your lawn mower. To prevent rust from forming on the blades, it is advisable to cut your grass when it is not wet. This will also make cleaning up easier for you. Make sure that you clean your lawn mower after each use and before storing it.

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